About The Elevation Map Tool

Why It Exists

When I toured the Great Divide in 2010 there were days where the map elevation profiles looked relatively flat but the roads featured endless rollers that tested the legs and mind. After returning home I decided to analyze GPS data to find out how flat those sections actually were (they weren't). Now, a few app versions later, we have this tool.

Data Source

This map shows the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route and various recent Tour Divide courses. Note that the GDMBR and Tour Divide differ in a few, but significant ways. Data was stitched together from various sources - GPS records from Strava activities and the official Great Divide/Tour Divide GPX tracks.

Note about ascent/descent numbers
Changes in elevation between the source GPS points only count toward ascent or descent if the grade between the points is greater than 1.0%.



Is the mileage 100% accurage? No, but it is close. GPS error is unavoidable.
Are the elevation profile and gain/loss numbers 100% accurate? No, but they are close enough to estimate efforts between towns.


Don't rely on this map for the purpose of navigation. Buy the Official Adventure Cycling GDMBR map set and/or load the Official Tour Divide track into your GPS unit.